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Mommy Make Over

Mommy Make OverAlthough it is very rewarding and satisfying becoming a “Mommy”, pregnancy can take a toll on a woman’s body. Her once feminine figure can have unsightly deposits of fat in unwanted areas. Her belly skin may be flabby and loose with excess stretch marks present. Her once beautiful breasts may droop down and sag, or become smaller in size and don’t fill their bra as they once did. The other sexual organ, the vagina, can get stretched excessively and be in need of tightening. Plus facial skin changes can occur.

It can be difficult getting back in shape after the pregnancy. Proper diet and exercise is always recommended and it’s good for improving one’s appearance and health. When this is just not enough, women turn to cosmetic surgeons to help them rejuvenate their bodies. Dr. Serrão has developed a Mommy Makeover program that will help women rejuvenate and reshape these areas.

Mommy Makeover’s help women look better and feel better about themselves by reversing some of the unwanted changes that occur to their bodies due to pregnancy. Multiple cosmetic and rejuvenating modalities are utilized, tailored to meet your specific needs and problems. After all, pregnancy produces a variety of different changes to a woman’s body, and we want to help your correct the problems that bother you. 

Mommy Makeover At A Glance

Breast Changes Breast Lift and/or Breast Augmentation to improve breasts
Excess Fat Bulges Liposuction and Liposculpture to reduce fatty areas
Stretched Belly Skin Tummy Tuck to smooth and flatten
Loosened Vagina Vaginal Rejuvenation for vaginal tightening
Elongated Labia Labiaplasty for more aesthetic appearance
Skin Change Botox, Facial Fillers, IPL Photofacials, Laser Resurfacing, Dermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Skin Care Products
General Wellbeing Wellness Consultation, Specialized evaluations, Anti-aging treatments, Vitamins & Supplements

Dr. John Serrão has created an extensive Mommy Makeover program for women in the Central Florida areas. His years of experience have helped him to know what women want after their pregnancy and the concerns they have. Located in Orlando, Florida he is happy to provide these multiple procedure options for your Mommy Makeover. For a consultation, call for an appointment at 407-896-3772 today.

Mommy Makeover FAQs

How can stretch marks be reduced?

Stretch marks haunt many women after pregnancy, plus they loosen the lower abdominal area allowing the pooch to flop down in an unsightly fashion. We offer two treatment options for the treatment of stretch marks. A Tummy Tuck can cut out many of these stretch marks in the lower abdominal areas. The upper belly skin, which may have minimal stretch marks, can then be stretched down to the lower area, resulting in a flat smooth stomach with a markedly reduced amount of stretch marks. Laser skin resurfacing using the Palomar 1540, is the only laser treatment that is FDA approved for the reduction in the appearance of stretch marks.  These treatments are done in a series of three to four at four to six week intervals.  Many patients have been very happy with their results from both the tummy tuck and laser resurfacing.

What about the breasts after pregnancy?

Those beautiful breasts you once had (or wished you had) are many times fallen and are pointing downward after pregnancy. Many women feel their breasts have shrunk after breast feeding and are not as attractive as they once were. These changes can be treated with Breast Augmentation procedures. The results are remarkable, and give women that self esteem boost that happens when they look good.

What about SEX!?

Many women say, “Sex is just not the same after having a baby!” There is no question that there are multiple reasons why a woman’s sex life can be less than she would desire after delivery, including the newborn baby in the crib. But there are physical changes of the pelvic structures caused from pregnancy that can be corrected to help her enhance her sexual pleasure and her self confidence. Vaginal Rejuvenation can tighten the vagina that pregnancy had stretched for enhanced sexual gratification. Labiaplasty surgery can trim elongated labia for an improved aesthetic look.

Can some of the skin changes from pregnancy be fixed?

Some women notice some pregnancy-induced changes in the skin of their face, such as pigmentations, melasma, wrinkles, and even acne formation. These unwanted changes can be reduced using multiple modalities. IPL Photofacials, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasions, Acne treatments and Medical Grade Skin Care Products can reduce these changes with minimal downtime. However, if significant changes are present, Laser Resurfacing may be necessary to adequately treat these problems.

Can the new fatty bulges on my body be treated?

You may have developed unsightly bulges of fat in various body areas during your pregnancy. Your once thin waist may have widened and you may now have a large bulge of fat on your abdomen with stretch marks and loose skin. You may see that the pregnancy has deposited extra bulges of fat between you upper thighs or on you outer thighs to create “saddlebags”. All these can be corrected with Liposculpture techniques, including SmartLipo, Tumescent Liposuction and Body Jet Liposculpture.

How can Dr. Serrão help me with these problems?

All these troublesome problems can be helped with Mommy Makeover programs. Plus, who would know better about these problems and a mommy’s concerns than a physician who has treated thousands of pregnant women over the years, like Dr. Serrão. The fatty bulges that pregnancy put on your body can be reduced; the stretch marks and tummy folds can be removed or reduced; and the belly can be tightened by utilizing a multitude of new, effective and safe techniques. Liposuction, SmartLipo Laser Lipolysis, Tummy Tucks, and body lifting procedures can help restore body’s shape and help you feel good about your body again. Droopy, shrunken breasts can be augmented and lifted. Loosened vaginas can be repaired. Every woman has her specific needs, and Dr. Serrão will do his best to address each of them.

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