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Intimate Bleaching

Intimate bleaching or lightening is the process of lightening the color of the skin in intimate areas such as the vulva, anus, underarms and inner thighs. This is done to make the color of the skin in those private areas similar in color to the skin of the surrounding areas. This treatment is becoming increasingly popular, while it started in the adult entertainment industry, it soon spread to mainstream film stars in Hollywood, and now to many women around the world. When Brazilian waxing became mainstream, areas that were once covered by hair were exposed and noticeably darker than the rest of the body. It is totally normal for the area around the anus and vagina to be darker, but it is aesthetically unappealing to many women who prefer lighter skin tones in these intimate areas. These spots can be successfully lightened with a combination of our professional treatments and compliance with the home care regimen that will be provided to you. If you have a history of diabetes, lupus, psoriasis, herpes or genital warts, you may not be a candidate for intimate bleaching. We provide intimate area bleaching (anal bleaching & vaginal bleaching) as well as regular body bleaching for areas such as under arms and inner thighs.  You must know that hyperpigmentation is one of the toughest skin conditions to reverse, so packages of three to six treatments are highly recommended.

Intimate Bleaching FAQs

What is Intimate Bleaching?

Intimate Bleaching or intimate lightening, as the term implies, is the lightening of the skin in intimate areas of the body. This includes the vaginal and anal areas, as well as the skin of the inner thighs, underarms and under breast folds.  The treatment has been around for many years and is becoming more common as women become more aware and are more comfortable with their bodies.  It is very common for women to groom the intimate areas of the genitalia, and with the loss of hair from waxing or laser hair removal, the skin discoloration is more noticeable.

What areas can be treated?

The most common areas treated are the vulva or vaginal area, anal area, buttocks, inner thigh, groin, underarms and under the breast folds.  Just about any area that a woman considers intimate could possibly be treated with the lightening solutions and treatment protocols.

What causes the skin in intimate areas to be darker?

Many women with olive colored skin or darker skin tones will have darker skin in the intimate areas of the vulva, anus, buttocks, inner thighs, breast fold and underarms.  It can be a normal occurrence because of the melanin in the skin, but it could be caused by irritation from poor hygiene.  However, some women are so concerned with this darkened skin in the intimate areas that they use all types of cleansers and exfoliants in hopes of lightening  the skin, but in turn create inflammation which causes a hyperpigmentation (PIH) or darkening of the skin to occur.

Discoloration of the skin in the intimate areas may also be caused by the aging process, pregnancy and hormonal changes. Certain medical conditions, infections and sexually transmitted diseases can also cause hyperpigmentation to occur. Deodorants that contain alcohol may also cause hyperpigmentation in the underarm area. Shaving and waxing of these intimate areas can also produce inflammation, which in turn can lead to hyperpigmentation or darkened skin.  Long term use of thongs and g-strings may also cause irritation in the vaginal and anal areas from the constant friction and rubbing of the nylon fabric, again causing inflammation and discoloration of the skin in these intimate areas.

You should consult with Dr. Serrão to see if a health problem could be the cause of your hyperpigmentation and if you are a candidate for intimate bleaching.

How does Intimate Bleaching work?

Melanin, a chemical naturally produced by our bodies, darkens the skin color as a natural protectant from the sun. The more melanin produced, the darker the skin.

The products used are made of natural ingredients and contain no harmful chemicals.  They will gently lighten the skin and reduce the activity of the enzyme responsible for skin darkening in the deeper layers of the skin.  As newer skin comes to the surface, you see a lighter skin tone that blends with the surrounding skin around the intimate areas.

How long will the results last?

Bleaching agents temporarily lighten skin color, but exposure to UV rays may create a darker appearance than before.  Please avoid direct sunlight and tanning beds after your intimate bleaching series.  Also, resuming activities such as shaving and waxing, or the use of nylon thongs could cause the hyperpigmentation to occur again so one should consider the possibility of laser hair removal prior to the bleaching series and avoid the constant use of thongs or g-strings.  We recommend a home care product and maintenance sessions to maintain the results of intimate bleaching.  Remember, nothing is permanent!

How many treatments will I need?

Everyone’s skin is unique and no two women will respond the same to intimate bleaching, so there is no rule for how long it will take to lighten your skin to the desired shade.  An average of 4 to 6 sessions is recommended to get noticeable changes. Again, as each patient is different and reacts differently to the same treatment, the need for more sessions is possible. 

Are there any risks or contraindications with Intimate Bleaching?

The possible risks include allergic reactions, skin lacerations, bruising, chemical burns, hyperpigmentation and scarring.  You can not have the treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.  If you have a history of genital herpes or genital warts the treatment is contraindicated because it could exacerbate the condition leading to a breakout.

What should I expect at my office visit?

At the initial consultation, you would purchase your peel or peel package and schedule the in-office peel for a date when you are not menstruating. In the weeks prior to your in-office peel, you will begin your preconditioning regimen with our body bleach for a period of time, depending on your Fitzpatrick skin type and ethnic origin. For the best results, all Fitzpatrick skin types should precondition the area to be treated. You will be instructed not to shave or wax for the three days before the peel, and to avoid sun exposure for two weeks before the peel.  Also avoid any tight clothing, thongs, change in detergents or soaps, or feminine sprays that could irritate the area for a week before the peel. You will also be asked to clean the area with your provided gentle antibacterial cleanser before arriving to your scheduled appointment.

Once this is completed, you will come to the office for your scheduled peel appointment. You need to arrive wearing loose cotton underwear and a loose-fitting skirt. The Intimate bleaching is performed in the comfort and privacy of one of our medspa rooms with Angelica, our experienced medical aesthetician. You will first clean the area and change into disposable underwear. The medical aesthetican will apply the peel with the assistance of a fan for your comfort. You can expect to feel a mild burning sensation, and will be given time to rest and heal before putting your loose-fitting clothing back on. Once you sit up, you should drink a bottle of water that will be provided by our office.

What happens after my appointment?

You will be instructed not to rinse the area for at least six hours. It is also fine for you to go to sleep without underwear and wash the next day. You are not to have sex or swim for three days. You can expect the bleached area to peel for 6-7 days.  It is important that you do not pick or pull at the flakes because it could damage the sensitive skin in those intimate areas. Please follow your post-peel instructions and use your Sedating Lotion (provided in your peel kit) to the bleached area for 1-3 times per day. You can schedule your follow-up peel/peels every 3 to 4 weeks if you had no problems with your initial lightening treatment. In conjunction with your peel series, you may continue to use your Body Bleach on the bleached intimate area until it reaches your desired shade.

Does Intimate Bleaching hurt?

Most patients tolerate the treatment with no discomfort, and may complain of a mild stinging sensation.  A cooling fan is provided to reduce any discomfort that may occur.  A mild sunburn like sensation may be experienced after the treatment.

What is the cost of Intimate Bleaching?

The cost of Intimate Bleaching starts at $300 and varies from patient to patient dependent on the amount of areas to be treated. All of our fees will be discussed with you during your consultation. You will find our charges to be very fair and competitive for the Orlando area. Several financing options are also available at Serrão Rejuvenation Center and we offer package pricing. We welcome you to call our office for more details on fees and be sure to check our current specials.

Prices are per session and include a preconditioning treatment kit and your home care bleaching cream.  Significant improvement may be seen with one session, but package pricing is available and is usually recommended. A series of 4-6 treatments is the standard recommendation for optimal results.

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