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Think losing stubborn fat means either weeks of recovery or months waiting for results to show? Think again, says Dr. John Serrão, a cosmetic surgeon in Orlando, Florida.  He has been performing hundreds of AquaShape water-assisted liposuction procedures, a technique that he says rivals non-surgical methods like CoolSculpting in terms of minimal downtime, yet yields the dramatic results patients expect with liposuction.

“Many patients like the idea of a non-surgical option for reducing fat, but are underwhelmed when they learn that these treatments only yield modest fat reduction and take months for optimal results to show.  With AquaShape, I can achieve a patient’s desired level of reshaping while still avoiding many of the drawbacks of traditional liposuction.”

Water assisted liposuction uses a controlled spray of water to separate and remove unwanted fat cells with minimal impact to surrounding tissues. During the procedure, Dr. Serrão inserts a thin tube, or cannula, through a small incision in the skin and applies the spray in a deliberate pattern to sculpt the treated area. The excess fat is then removed from the body along with the water spray.

Dr. Serrão believes the AquaShape water-assisted liposuction offers patients what he calls the “best of both worlds.”  It offers the following:

Immediate results:  Patients typically experience less of the post-operative bruising and swelling associated with traditional liposuction, allowing them to see the full effects quickly after surgery. Non-surgical methods require two to three months for optimal results to show, presenting a challenge for patients who desire more immediate improvements.

Quick recovery:  Dr. Serrão says his typical water assisted liposuction patient is able to return to daily activities in a matter of days. “Patients say taking off one or two days from work is a welcome trade off to enjoy an instant reduction in fat,” says Dr. Serrão.  “They can have their procedure done on a Thursday and go back to work Monday wearing clothes that fit them better right away.” He notes that more extensive procedures or procedures that include a fat transfer may require additional downtime.

Excellent reshaping with predictable outcomes: Using liposuction, a cosmetic surgeon can selectively remove fat to improve body shape.  In contrast, non-surgical treatments can only reduce the total amount of fat in an area. Dr. Serrão notes that the AquaShape water-assisted liposuction is gentle yet powerful enough to remove larger volumes of fat in areas such as the abdomen, which in many cases allows for a dramatic result in the body contouring outcome.

Only a local anesthetic is necessary for most patients: This not only lowers risk of complications from anesthesia, but also helps a patient return to daily activities more quickly.  “Many patients are concerned with general aesthesia and are very comfortable during the procedure with the use of tumescent local anesthesia and mild conscious sedation in our on-site accredited surgical center.  They are able to turn on the table as needed during the procedure so that I can work on different body areas and some may converse with us during the procedure while others may doze off into a gentle sleep.  We keep our patients safe and comfortable during their entire AquaShape water-assisted liposuction procedure,” says Dr. Serrão.

Dr. Serrão also mentions that water assisted liposuction leaves the extracted fat cells intact, allowing them to be used immediately for a fat grafting procedure to different body areas including the breast, buttocks, hands and face, if desired. “Fat injections are an increasingly popular option for body contouring,” says Dr. Serrão, “and because water assisted liposuction yields a high rate of fat cell survival, I am able to achieve more natural, predictable results without ‘over-filling’ an area initially.”   “ We are having very good success with the very popular Brazilian Butt Lift and our patients are thrilled with the impressive results.”  “The AquaShape procedure is providing my patients with results that they love and results that my staff and I are very proud of,” says Dr. Serrão.

Dr. John Serrão, founder and medical director of Serrão Rejuvenation Center, specializes in cosmetic-plastic gynecology, cosmetic surgery of the female patient and anti-aging medicine.  His office and accredited surgical center are located in the Florida Hospital Health Village at 2905 McRae Avenue, Orlando, FL 32803.  For more information, call to schedule your consultation at 407-896-3772.

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