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Hair Vitamins

All Natural Hair Health Supplements

hair vitaminsWhy leave healthy hair to chance? Jumpstart a healthy hair growth cycle with hair vitamins from within when triggers like stress, aging, hormones, genetics and over styling, take a toll on your hair. Introducing “hair nutraceuticals”. These are not just simple vitamins. These powerful botanicals act as plant medicines able to target many more causes at the root of compromised hair health than hair nourishment formulations could ever imagine. New technologies exist today to harmlessly extract the most therapeutic-active plant parts and concentrate them to achieve unprecedented efficacy in addressing many more underlying causes at the root of poor hair health. 

Take Control of Thinning Hair with Hair Vitamins

New research confirms there’s more at play than DNA when it comes to keeping your hair.  Combat heredity, stress and other root causes by strengthening and protecting hair where it counts on the inside. 

Nutrafol is more than just a nutritive, it’s a preventative and restorative supplement that helps return your hair growth cycle to its peak.

At its core is th Synergen Complex, a powerful blend of clinically proven extracts that remedy all four stages of unhealthy hair without side effects. 

The Result?

Reduced hair loss and thicker, better-looking hair.

Why Nutrafol Hair Vitamins Work

NUTRAFOL is the only super supplement for hair that addresses all four critical stages of hair health to help prevent thinning hair.

    Helps rebalance harmful levels of DHT and stress hormones to reduce follicle damage.
    Supports hair follicle restoration and helps reduce micro-inflammation.
    Helps revive dormant follicles and increases scalp circulation to improve follicle function.
    Supports your hair’s growth cycle and helps you grow thicker, better-looking hair,

Now revitalized, your follicles are empowered to absorb the building blocks of hair again. Once your follicles are properly absorbing essential hair vitamins, minerals and amino acids, they return to their optimal state. This helps support your hair’s growth cycle, enabling you to grow fuller, healthier hair.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Serrao to learn more about the Hair vitamins and the Hair Restoration Program at Serrao Rejuvenation Center.  Contact us or Call 407.896.3772 today!

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