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Skin Tightening in Orlando, FLThermiVa offers vaginal tightening solutions without surgery. During the span of her life, a woman encounters milestones that contribute to the stretching of vaginal muscles. Vaginal birth, menopause and general aging can all contribute to vaginal laxity, which impacts urinary control and sexual sensation and satisfaction. ThermiVa is a popular, non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment that improves vaginal laxity and the consequential symptoms.

The Procedure

We encounter many patients who are looking to improve urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity symptoms but are concerned about having surgery in such an intimate area. ThermiVa is a non-surgical approach with no needles or incisions, utilizing gentle radiofrequency energy to tighten the vagina and improve laxity (sagging) in the labial areas.

The Results

ThermiVa patients may see a cosmetic improvement in the laxity (sagging) of the external genitalia and improvements in the function of their vagina. Benefits include:

  • Vaginal tightening
  • Improved bladder control
  • Increased moisture
  • Increased sexual satisfaction
  • Vulvar/Labial tightening
  • Improvement in genitalia appearance

Are You An Ideal Candidate?

Please consult with a cosmetic-plastic gynecologist for an evaluation and pelvic examination to see if you are a good candidate for ThermiVa. Every woman is unique and requires the consultation of a professional to determine an ideal treatment plan.

Learn More About Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

Contact Serrão Rejuvenation Center to learn more about ThermiVa. Dr. John Serrão offers a number of vaginal rejuvenation options to women living in and around the Orlando area.